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fine objects in old wood
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New Line 

Discover the "New Line" - elegance and convienience perfectly united! Dare to create an atmosphere of luxury at your table with "Sue&She", "Classic Old Oak", "Pali" Elegance and "Green" Zebrano...

Champagne Timber "Skyfall N°XXIII"
Dom Perignon or Bollinger - great champagne presented in a superbe manner: the bottle rests on crushed ice in a crystal bowl seated on the timber N°23....
NEW: Table "Pienza"

Like the litte town of Pienza in Tuscany - a gem remodeled by Pope Pius II. who saw the light of day there - this small bath table with its marble bowl is a nugget in your bath or elsewhere you need it...

Caviar Cube
Fascinating Caviar needs a fascinating display: Our Caviar Cube presents your Prunier or Zwyer Caviar in a loftly style corresponding to the royal class of Beluga or Malossol caviar....
F&R presents itself:
Salmon Board
Brilliant Sushis - on our "wood n'food board" they shine marvellously! Presented on a "Star Galaxy gold" plate they are the star on your table on our old wood board....
A timber is hovering over your table and spending an incredible soft light. Your guests will keep wondering about the fascinating ambiance....
Brand New: "Brasilia" - outdoor canapé - see "Interior"

NEW: F&R in www.30degres.tv Special Edition "Zermatt" 2013
see presss review

Welcome at F&R Old Wood & Design!

Old historical Wood

is the source of inspiration for our objects and at the same time the source of an incredibly dense vibrant radiation. Every piece of timber embodies more than 200 years of craftsmanship and more than 150 years that the oak took to grow in the forests of regional woods in France. 
Carefully selected and prepared this timber frame gives a new dimension ofl autheniticity to your personal space. HIstory of Modern Art style adds contemporary expression to these objects that give a new sense to a piece of more than 300 years of lived history.
Part of ancient buildings in Alsace France that overcame the flux of history and weather these wooden witnesses express a meaning and message that touches not only the eyes but the soul of the spectator. Unusual, intense and vibrant - these objects do not fit silently into any decoration but talk in a discrete way directly to the heart. The splendor of their appearance you do not want to miss anymore...
Your excellent bottle is worth while to be presented in an excellent way. Our wine-board displays your choice of wine....

Bath Table
This Tuscan style bath table creates an atmosphere of Italian rustic manors ....
Haute cuisine presented in a perfect combination of a historic timber carrier and superbe "Staub" casseroles...
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