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"Skyfall XXIII"
Champane cooler "Skyfall XXIII" was actually inspired by the James Bond "Skyfall". While watching the movie I got the idea to create a champagne cooler that reflects the atmosphere of the manor in the Highlands in Scotland and a cooler for the Bond Champagnes "Dom Perignon" and Bollinger. Theoak timber is original out of a French timber frame house and is about more than 250 years old. It bears the number "XXIII" as it was timber "XXIII" in the construction plan. The bowl is out of french leaded crystal which is integrated into the timber. All surfaces are conserved as original as possible to transport the authentic character of the old historical wood. "Skyfall" is the way to serve your favorite Bond Champagne and impress your friends with a piece of 250 years of history!
Caviar CUBE "CQ"
The "CUBE" distinguishes your table! The aura of historical wood mingles with the crystal splendor on which the precios caviar gets the pole position! Simple as the form is  - it has historical predecessors: remember the egyptian sculptures in Louvre or Cairo that all rest on a cube. The cube as a perfect form gives a very achronical splendor to the ever-venerated luxurious gift of nature.
What else than elevate this experience with one of the most luxurious woods - 400 years old oak wood that overcame the natural inconvenience of weather, peace and war. In combination with a "Lalique" crystal plate "Venezia" the elegance of classical geometric forms matches perfectly to the classical language of the "CUBE". Or compare the luxurious radiation of the "Baccarat" plate that transcends the pure form of the "CUBE" and reflects the luxury of light to the caviar as a crown.

Luxury in a simple form like caviar in small globes matches with the classical and simple form of the cube - together they are a wonderful understatement of its sublime character and uniqueness!
Caviar Cube "Lalique Venezia"
Caviar Cube "Baccarat"
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