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Vintage Timber Frame, Alsace
Original Historic Old Wood Certificate - OHAC

Original Historic Old Wood  means wooden material that stems from historical timber frame buildings in Alsace, France, from which it was carefully built out. These buildings may have an age of 100 up to 300 years. 

The material of historical old wood is ennobeled in different ways by our manufactury. The noble character may expresss itself in a pure way or reflect itself in composition with other materials for noble and harmonic interior.

One needs a lot of sensibility, know-how and longlasting experience to create objects, floors, walls, ceilings or furniture out of old wood. You may be happy and proud to surround yourself with this historical old wood in whatsoever form. 

The most important and beautiful characteristics that make old wood as outstanding are its color, surface structure, cracks, wormwholes, wooden tenons and their mortise, wooden plugs and their mortise, and most notably all the irregular marks of history. 

These main characteristics of old wood should and cannot be found faulty otherwise you would deprive the original old wood of its charisma and character that has never been attained artificially.

Now be fascinated by our objects in original historical old wood with their marks of history!

Sincerely yours
Andreas Föhrenbach

The specialist for original historical old wood in Germany and Europe

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