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Mini Set "Coco"
Mini Set "Coco"
The "Mini-Timber" Set gives you maximum choice for a maximum flexibility in creating your menus! Individual mini-timbers with their cute size fit just everywhere - on small tables or on a large long guest-table! The old wood combines easily with all the vivid colors you may choose for the cassseroles - or you go with a classical line in grey or black! Everytime you will suprise your guests! The wood perfectly insulates your hot casseroles and keeps your dish perfectly warm. You may even choose the color of the surface: natural old oak or black or white or....! There are almost no limits for you! Get the casseroles in round or oval! Or would you need a litte gratin pan for your St. Jacques or a crema catalana? No problem! The "Mini-Timber" Set will open up your creativity at table!
The box "Coco"
Color up your "Coco"!
Shooting "Staub", France
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