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wine-board "L series"
Coming from your cave the wine is perfectly led flat and after some hours it has the perfect temperature  - chambré - just right to open it with your best friends! "L"shape is spectacular for its original design and perfect harmony with the structure of the board. Fine structured wood corresponds with the fine structured tanins of your favorite wine - extraordinarily presented on a high board in your living or kitchen - an eye-catcher for sure!
z-series wood
wine-board "z series"
Astonishing design marries the dense expression of natural worn boards that look and feel like sculptures. For a very excellent bottle a corresponing carrier - wooden barrels in oak come to your mind, the story of winemaking during hundreds of years: all this is represented by this piece of art formed by craftsmen, weather and chance.
Old Wood & Style
z series "Hover"
z-series "Hover" is the most exclusive wine board of our z-line: weather worn boards carefully selected are hovering in the air: your wine bottle is suspended in a board of unique character and seems to float in the air without any visible construction. The support plate is completely out of 8mm glass. In the combination of glass and wood this z-series fits superbly to any modern interior and displays your wine in an excellent mannor: its a real eye-catcher that will make your guests wonder and admire!
z series "Hover"
"L series"
"L series TRI"
"Z"Series "Hover"
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