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salmon board
salmon board
Smoked Salmon presented on a board of timber frame oak with a basalt tray of "Revol". Catching wild salmons in the rivers of Norway or Canada makes us think of white water, wildlife, huge trees and open fire in the woods. This tray transports the impressions of all this with its magnificient structure in wood giving a rare delicatesse an authentic expression of its origin. The plate is completely dish-washer compatible and easy to change.
"Wood n' Food"-Board
"Wood n' Food"-Board is the chameleon of our boards: with its structure in old wood and star galaxy granite it adapts easily to your food creations -- whatever you imagine: pata nera, salmon, sushi, foie gras, fromage .... you will be fascinated and as well your guests! A premium look for food!
"Wood n' Food" with Pata Nera
"Wood n' Food" with Balik-salmon
"Wood n' Food" with sushi
"Wood n' Food" with cheese
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